What to bring

  • Camping stuff (shelter, bedding etc)
  • Food stuff (cooking & drinking)
  • Recreational stuff (field games &  rainy day games)
  • River stuff (tubes & air mats & river shoes)

When you arrive

Follow signs from the end of the paved road into Selah (see Map link on top menu).  If you are picnicking or just in for the day, park in the upper grass parking lot by the big 'Welcome To Selah' sign.  If you are camping, drive on into the forest through the double gates, down the hill, and select a vacant campsite situated on the loop road around the playing field.  A camp host will meet you there.

Camping Cost

All camping is by donation, and each church can decide how best to do that.  Some churches take an offering, some charge a per/family rate, and others pay out of their budget.  All donations received are used to maintain and improve Selah, and to assist with summer staffing.

Important rules

For the comfort of all campers, we have a no-pet policy.  Likewise, alcohol and smoking are not permitted, although puffing is allowed in your vehicle only in the upper parking area.  Due to noise restrictions we only allow small quiet generators (Honda 1000/2000)

The water is ok for cooking, but for drinking, we recommend boiling it first.   We advise you to bring your own drinking water.

Campers should be aware that there is no electricity.

Wildlife can be present at Selah.  All food must be stored in vehicles (not tents), every night.

Our river is great fun, but there are no lifeguards, and like everything at Selah, use it with care and at your own risk. 

The rope swing must have adult supervisors/helpers when in operation.

No bicycle riding on the lawns or playing field.  Stick to the roads and trails.

Fires are only permitted in the group fire ring or in the covered area

The use of sound equipment or loud music is not permitted.

Campsite Quiet is from 10:30PM - 7:00AM in respect to fellow campers and our neighbors across the river.

Please drive carefully on access and campsite roads. There are numerous blind corners, and single lanes, along with occasional slow moving tractors and farm equipment! Stay below 30k/h.