• Pets, smoking, drugs or alcohol.  Smoking may be permitted only in the upper parking lot.

Driving & Vehicles

  • Please have all campers and guests drive slowly!   30km/h or less on gravel road.
  • We ask that all vehicles non-essential to camping be parked in the upper parking lot.


  • Ensure your campers know the rules before arriving
  • Plan for a first evening orientation with the campsite hosts.
  • Plan how to orient latecomers who miss the first orientation. (Assign a person)


  • The rope swing must have adult supervisors/helpers when in operation.
  • No bicycle riding on the lawns or playing field.  Stick to the roads and trails.
  • Fires are only permitted in the group fire ring or in the covered area
  • Fires are regulated according to regional fire regulations.
  • Please consult BC Wildfire Service website for current fire bans and restrictions

Noise Restrictions

  • Small generators (Honda suitcase type or quiet RV generators) are permitted 10am -6pm.
  • The use of sound equipment or loud music is not permitted.
  • Campsite Quiet is from 10:30PM - 7:00AM
  • We are respectful to fellow campers and our neighbors across the river.

Emergency Contacts

  • Provide a list of names and phone numbers of your leaders to the camp hosts in case of emergency.  This applies to day-use-only groups as well.


  • Organize a garbage pickup for the entire campsite before your group leaves

Safety Awareness

Our number one concern at Selah Campsite is the safety and well-being of every person on-site.

Please be aware that Selah is a riverside camp.  We do not provide a lifeguard, and there are potential water hazards such as rocks, currents, rapids, and fluctuating water levels. Selah Staff will advise closure of the riverfront for activities if water levels are deemed to high or flows are too strong.  Lifejackets and river shoes are advised even when it is calm.  Always swim/tube with a buddy!

Selah is a wilderness campsite. There may be wildlife such as deer, racoons, black bears. Exercise awareness and caution. The property is extensive, so it is possible to get disoriented or lost.  Please ensure that all campers hike and walk with another person, let people know where you are going and an expected return time.  Be on the alert for anyone who appears alone!

We look forward to your stay at Selah Campsite.

We are in prayer for you as you prepare to enjoy this beautiful place.  May you enjoy refreshment and the presence of God!